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  • warm_buns
    • 1. Dig small hole where you camping chair will sit
    • 2. Place a small amount of hot coal in the hole
    • 3. Place chair over hole
    • 4. Sit down

  • rainbow-beachConquering Rainbow Beach
    Who knew that heaven was only 1.5 hours easy drive from Brisbane.

    For our August holidays we hired a Conqueror 440 Camper trailer for a 2
    to the beach, from Brisbane we took exit 230 off the Bruce Hwy at Cooroy
    towards Tewantin to take the car ferry to Northshore (the ferry is open
    Mon to sun $12 each way) this is the doorway to a perfect paradise,
    after a
    drive from the ferry we arrived at Northshore Beach Campground Park to
    located on the spectacular Cooloola coast, great views and beach


    Over the next 8 days we explored our surroundings, just 1km north of the
    Campground at Third Cutting you can access the beach with your 4wd
    Vehicles. Before travelling on the beach try and reduce your Car Tyre
    Pressure to about 25 and your camper to 20 you will have a much better
    day driving on the beach and the inland tracks.( you don’t want to get
    yourself bogged in sand; we helped a couple of 4WD cars get free again
    from the sandpits their tyres had made; all their tyre pressures were
    too high and didn’t match the beach conditions). From this beach entry
    point you can drive for 60 kms + and see the most stunning beach driving
    all the way up to the Lighthouse at Double Island Point but also all
    along the way there are lots of Inland 4wd tracks to explore, Each day
    we did something different like a visit to the small Teewah Village, a
    walking around in the Red Canyon tracks , exploring the Freshwater
    tracks with it’s beautiful colours and incredible landscapes , ancient
    rainforest live here and small lakes appear out of nowhere with loads of
    animals around you , make sure you stop awhile just sit and listen to
    the birds high in the trees canopy it’s so beautiful and relaxing .

    The Kings Bore 4WD tracks were also fantastic and also very scary in some
    places like the entry point back onto the beach a very deep narrow hill
    down into water at the bottom, hold on. We also used a couple of time
    the Leisha 4WD track to access Rainbow Beach with its magnific towering
    Coloured sands Cliffs and huge mountain land slides, the sand colours
    are so amazing each time you go beach driving there all the sand colours
    have changed; depending on what the time of the day and if had rained


    Always make sure you check beach tides information when using this track
    to get to Rainbow Beach Township as so many 4wd cars have been lost to
    the sea from hide tides of water on Rainbow Beach). When you get there
    Rainbow Beach Town has loads of shops and all sorts of food options to
    restock your camp kitchen. Also while you’re here try and check out the
    Carlo Blow Lookout for stunning views of all the surrounding areas
    inland to Tin Can Bay and all the way to Double Island Point, then drive
    to Inskip Point to see the Fraser Island Barge going to and from the
    Island. Great beach, lagoon fishing and swimming here. You can also see
    where the recent sand bite hole was taken from the coast foreshore

    Each day was so perfect at NorthShore and every night we had the most
    relaxing sleeps listening to the ocean sounds all-night lulling us to
    sleep in our very comfortable Conqueror camper.

    After 8 days we packed up the camp and decided to try camping on the
    beach ( Camping permits are required for this). We drove up the beach to
    Freshwater track and reset up our camper again for another 5 days. The
    camper had a outside shower and portable toilet included which was handy
    but Freshwater campground also has toilet/shower facilities for day use
    for beach campers. (bring your bug spray here it’s a must)

    Camping on the beach was the ultimate camping experience so quiet and
    secluded, we enjoyed our long walks on the beach collecting shells and
    beach fishing every day. Stunning rainbow coloured sunsets every night,
    then we would make big camp fires under the beautiful stars and eat lots
    of delicious food and talked about the day’s events and the best thing
    with no TV or News reports to bring you down; its total paradise.
    Camping Fire Tip; If you have a cold butt sitting on your camp chair
    then put a small amount of the fires red coal under your chair for a
    warm toastie bum and back.


    The holiday was fabulous sort of soul recharging and so relaxing for this
    5 star hotel girl and I so needed that. I finally get now why people ‘
    love camping’ it was a wonderful; Nature at its best. We will be so

  • For your convenience we provide a download of 101 Camper tips.